Just like that

About Gbam Games

Scratch it! Win it! Cash it Instantly! Just Like That!

The games are designed around lifestyle interest of Nigerians: Sports, Fashion, Food, Music, Tourism, Street Vibes, Politics etc. Each game contains a statement or question with the instruction to scratch the panel area to reveal the matching answer. Players cannot adjust or predict the answer, only scratch to see if you’re a lucky winner.

Each game is batched in 1,000,000 cards, with approximately 22% of the cards as winning cards i.e. 220,000 cards have winning values and the balance 780,000 cards are losing cards. Players will find a motivational quote in every losing card designed to boost morale.

For the winning cards, the prizes are distributed randomly across in the following winning scenario:

  • In a batch of 1,000,000 cards, there’s 1 jackpot card with 10,000 times the value of the card i.e. a N100 card has a jackpot prize of N1,000,000

  • In same batch, players can win same value of the playing card or a chance to play again, the same value of that card i.e. a N100 card will have:

    • A chance to play another N100 card, if you didn’t win

    • N100 as the winning value which is the same as the value of the card

    • Same value as airtime from the mobile network of your registered line

  • Other cash prizes include up to double the value or the card, times three, times ten, times one hundred, times one thousand, and up to the jackpot of times ten thousand times the value of the card.

Gbam cards come in the denomination of N100 and N200 for now with N500 and N1,000 cards to be available shortly.