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License & Regulatory

We take compliance very seriously

Lottery in Nigeria is regulated by the National Lotteries Regulatory Commission (NLRC). Gbam is an authorised lottery operator in Nigeria. As part of our commitment to complete transparency and fairness in our games, we ensured that we obtained our permit from the NLRC prior to commencing operations. Having complied with all regulatory requirements, we received our permit in 2016, which allows us to operate in all the states of the federation. In line with our commitment to fairness and transparency, we are happy to work alongside the NLRC and have given it full visibility to our systems and bank account, and we undertake to keep the NLRC updated on any material changes in our operations.

Lagos State Lotteries Board regulates the activities of lottery operators within the state. Gbam is authorised and licensed by the LSLB to carry out activities within Lagos state.

Having submitted detailed documentation of our games and processes, Gbam has received clearance from the Consumer Protection Council to engage in all our marketing activities. The Council is satisfied that our proposed games and systems do not in any way compromise the rights of members of the public.